How to configure distribution for replication

Replication allows as to automatically distribute copies of data from one server to one or more distributor server.In replication we will have Distributor,Publisher and Subscriber. 

First we have to configure a Distributor to set up replication.Distributor is a server that contains the distribution database.It  stores all the transactions for transactional replication and meta data for all types of replication .  Each Publisher can have only one Distributor instance.But multiple publishers can share one Distributor.We can also Configure a centralized Distributor for multiple Publishers.

There are two types of distributor

1.Local distributor.

2.Remote distributor. 

Let us see how to configure distribution:

Right click Replication->Configure distribution


Configuration Distribution wizard window will appear.Click Next and continue.


Select the distributor which will act as server and responsible for storing replication information used during synchronizations. If you want to choose  remote  distributor select the second option.


Configure SQL Server agent to start  automatically.To start the sever agent automatically, when computer is started.Click Next and continue.


Specify the distribution database name.Also specify the valid path for database file and log file.Click Next


Enable the servers which will use the distributor when they become publishers.


In complete wizard window,we will get the options which we selected during the process.Click Finish.


Close the wizard and complete the distribution database creation. 



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